Spot geographic and product opportunities with Census Data Trendspotting

$29.2T in Yearly Global Trade

Get a holistic view of goods traded around the world, and adjust your sourcing strategy to optimize your supply chain.

243 Country Reports

View shifts in trade patterns for each reported country’s imports and exports by HS Code.

Identify New Opportunities

Use Trendspotting as a launching pad into the Panjiva platform, and discover new, credible suppliers.

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Leverage Macro Data to Your Advantage

Panjiva intelligently combines the macro trade data of the U.S. Census and UN Comtrade, and surfaces powerful insights that allow you to make strategic
decisions for your supply chain. Fortune 500 companies have come
to rely on Trendspotting to spot new geographic and product
opportunties for their business, and to mitigate
potential threats to their supply chain.

Monitor Trends Across Products

Using HS Codes, easily select products of interest and create strategic sourcing strategies based on perceived threats and opportunities.

HS Code Report on Trendspotting

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View Market Share Fluctuations

Make informed decisions about your sourcing strategy by viewing the best and worst performers around the world.

Market Share Map on Trendspotting

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Identify the Best Performers

See the top performers across the world that source your products.

Top Countries

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